[English: skuhlp-sit] verb, Latin. ~ he engraved, carved or sculptured (it).

Gareth Ifor Jones creates timeless carvings and inscriptions in both wood and stone from his workshop in the heart of Devon.

Please contact him direct if you are interested in a special commission or wish to purchase an item.

Visitors are welcome to the Kennford studio - please telephone first to make arrangements.


A child's Welsh stick chair - made with traditional tools in hazel & ash

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An unusual chance to build a tree house.  Set on hazel stilts, the cedar-shingled roundhouse sits on a circular deck.  Hazel pickets, ladder and gate complete the scheme.

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Relief carvings in English Oak commissioned for a period cottage.


The Golden Pomegranate ~ Bath stone relief, framed in American walnut.

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'Cornucopia' ~ Portland stone, framed in English Walnut with handmade ironware.

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'Metropolis' ~ a tryptic carved in Portland stone to celebrate the 2008 re-release of the film.



'Go Placidly...' ~ Hillersdon House, Devon.  A 4" Trajan script cut in a Pantheon-style oak frieze.


World War II Memorial, Kenn Church ~ A full re-carving of the original 1940's plaque in Burmese teak.


'By Royal Appointment' ~ A commission in Burmese teak, finished with gold leaf on gesso.


The construction of a child's chair from client's heirloom oak table plank.

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Ladders, a music and a guitar stand.

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